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Just Stop With This Need To Kill Bullshit

Pakistan Threatens India With Nuclear War After Indian Army Chief's Statement.  So easy to kill other people's children, seriously.

Absolutely Covers It!

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Here's Your Government, Come On, Take A Look

You know, all to protect us and all ...

Note: I have several posts on the USS Liberty.  Unfortunately, I didn't create a label.  They're here, somewhere. This is a national disgrace ... and people today get upset that a president referred to a country as a "shithole".

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Just About Covers It

Frank Zappa ... I miss him.  Extremely intelligent, incredible musician and so articulate ...

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The Map of Perpetual War

Scary shit, really. Mapping war is truly a depressing, shocking, scary thing.  Please, read this and look at the map.  When, when, will it ever end? Mapping a World From Hell 

The Broken Promise

So few know the end of the USSR came about because of a promise made by the United States to then Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev: the West would not expand NATO even "one inch closer" to the Russia's borders.  Needless to say, the West failed to deliver on this one, which makes one realize that "promise" and "politician" are mutually exclusive terms that never belong in the same sentence. Of course, there's no money to be made by the military-industrial-congressional-security (MICS) complex if peace did indeed follow the end of the Cold War. The world did hope for a "peace dividend" however, the politicians learned its lesson: always have an enemy and in fact, ensure it's stateless, nationless - and thus, the "war on terror" was born! One can never say that terrorism was defeated! There are no Gorbachev's "representing" terrorists as a prime minister represents a nation! It's the gift that keeps on giving! The only thing it does is take: it takes the lives of the children the politicians purportedly represent. Rinse and repeat.

A World Lost Indeed

The World We Lost on June 28, 1914 by Gary North.  Quite a piece on what could have been. Remember this: it was a wrong turn by the driver of the car carrying Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife that provided the opportunity for his assassin, 19-year-old Gavrila Princip, to alter the course of history.

Nutrition 101

Great starting point for a new repository on nutrition.  Be sure to check out Health 101: Health, Exercise and Medicine and Mindfulness too]

All new updates are marked as NEW (be sure to scroll):

Let's start off by debunking the myths that are killing us:

Always A Must Read:  Are some diets “mass murder”? Note: YES, especially those that promote low-fat consumption!  See other "Always A Must Read" below, on the same subject.

Always A Must Read:  The Last Anti-Fat Crusaders  And WHO are the last of these crusaders? The government.  Crony-capitalism KILLS.

All You Need To Know About Calories:

SUGAR (and Aspartame, and ...)
What You MUST Know about High-Fructose Corn Syrup & Artificial Sweeteners; Sugar:

New: Give Up Soda

Study Proves Sugar Is Responsible for Remarkable Rate of Disease

Research Finds Sugar Changes Metabolism in Even the Healthiest of People

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  Drafter of U.S. Dietary Goals Was Bribed by Big Sugar to Demonize Fat

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Sugar is to blame for obesity epidemic - not couch potato habits

Is Sugar Toxic? [answer: YES!]

 Concerning Study: High-Fructose Corn Syrup More Toxic than Sugar, Reduces Lifespan
[Note: This is just nasty shit, so keep away from it. Know this too: one of the primary reasons for the increased use of HFCS is our nation's sugar lobby which receives subsidies from the USG in order to keep production low, resulting in the US paying some of the world's highest prices for sugar.  Translation: Your government is killing you.]

Is Sugar Really Just as Addictive as Cocaine? 
[Note:  Though the piece doesn't mention HFCS (high fructose corn syrup), it should be considered the same as sugar, if not worse.  Nice infographic]

John Yudkin: The Man Who Tried to Warn us About Sugar 
[1.5hr video in the article is worth the time.  Sugar is a killer, plain and simple; followed by wheat] 

Common ingredient is worse than salt for blood pressure

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 What If You Could Prevent Alzheimer’s?   [yes ... sugar and HFCS] 

How to Lose Weight by Identifying Hidden Sugars in Your Diet  Disclosure: I firmly believe that the ONLY way to lose weight it to eliminate sugar.

8 Foods that Speed Up Ageing While Promoting Sickness:
4. Artificial sweeteners are worse than sucrose. Ignore the aspartame and diet soda trap, too. You should actually avoid all sodas, including diet soda. Aspartame is a neuron excitoxin that can excite brain cells to death, putting you in the fast lane to dementia or even brain cancer.


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A Little Bit of Everything Else

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Eat chocolate to boost your memory and avocado for high cholesterol

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18 food replacement hacks worth giving a shot

7 Unexpected Ingredients You Might Eating For Lunch Today

15 Best Anti-Aging Foods You Need To Start Eating Now [Note: I'd say '14' ... be careful about #3: stay away from wheat! And, I'm not on board with the 'anti-aging' - they're just good foods]

10 Amazing Benefits of Oolong Tea You Didn’t Know

Supplement Alert: Antioxidants May Protect Cancer Cells Instead Of Protecting Us From Them  [note: key word here is "may" ... more studies need to be conducted, and, the raw data and methodology for THIS study needs to be peer reviewed as well]

6 Things You Need To Know About Protein

How To Win An Argument With A Nutritionist

The Top Foods That Lead To Inflammation–Avoid These At All Costs

7 Super Foods That Will Make You Live Longer

The Weaponization of America's Intelligence Agencies

Read this. A few times. What a mess this country of ours is in! Politics: the refuge of the truly scum-worthy amongst us.  Operation Condor – How NSA Director Mike Rogers Saved The U.S. From a Massive Constitutional Crisis…

Another Loss

Second Developer Of WikiLeaks-Inspired "SecureDrop" Commits Suicide At 36. May Aaron Swartz now have his friend back. Sad. If you don't know about Aaron Swartz, please read the pieces via the label below.

Excess Reserves

Fed Paid $29.3 Billion To Banks NOT To Lend In 2017 (Excess Reserves), Fed Earned $80.2 Billion For Treasury.  Paid not to lend.  That's right.  Let that sink in. When money can be made by not doing something, then why do something? I've reposted other pieces about excess reserves, but unfortunately, I didn't create a label when I did. All the pieces are likely under the label Federal Reserve.

Even China Preps Their Sheeple for Death

China's Official Military Newspaper Warns: "War Is Not Far".  No, not China too!

Followed By So Few

The 10 Habits of Logical People by David Lattier:

Becoming a logical person is not just a matter of memorizing and applying formulas, or learning how to tell the difference between a valid and an invalid syllogism. Rather, it involves cultivating intellectual habits and skills that, though they may seem simple and obvious, are only achieved after years of struggle and education.
In his book Being Logical: A Guide to Good Thinking, venerable philosophy professor D.Q. McInerny lays out the following 10 habits that people must cultivate if they are to think clearly and effectively:
1) They’re Attentive.
“Many mistakes in reasoning are explained by the fact that we are not paying sufficient attention to the situation in which we find ourselves,” writes McInerny. The logical person has thus trained himself to always pay attention to the details—even in situations that are familiar—lest he make a careless judgment.
2) They Get the Facts Straight.
“If a given fact is an actually existing thing to which we have access, then the surest way to establish its factualness is to put ourselves in its presence. We then have direct evidence of it. If we cannot establish factualness by direct evidence, we must rigorously test the authenticity and reliability of whatever indirect evidence we appeal to so that, on the basis of that evidence, we can confidently establish the factualness of the thing.”
3) They Ensure That Their Ideas Are Clear.
Our ideas are the means by which our minds understand the objective world. Clear ideas faithfully reflect that world, whereas unclear ideas give us a distorted view of the world. The logical person is constantly testing his ideas to make sure that they accurately depict their objects.
4) They’re Mindful of the Origins of Ideas.
The logical person knows which of his ideas are based on things that actually exist in the world. He knows, for instance, that his idea of “cat” corresponds to things in the objective world known as “cats”. As a counterexample, there are a lot of people who have an idea that there existed a female pope named Joan in the 9th century. But if they spent time looking into the source of that idea, they would find that it’s widely regarded by respectable historians to have originated in legend.
5) They Match Ideas to Facts.
Writes McInerny, “To prevent my idea from being a product of pure subjectivism, in which case it could not be communicated to others, I must continuously touch base with those many facts in the objective world from which the idea was born.” This is easy to do with ideas that have a simple correspondence to things in the world outside our minds (e.g. my idea of “cat” refers to an actual cat). It’s much harder to do, as we’ve all experienced, with more complex ideas such as capitalism and socialism, or conservatism and liberalism. For these ideas to remain sound, they must constantly be linked to, and supported by, facts that are accessible to all.
6) They Match Words to Ideas. 
We can only communicate our ideas to others if we use words that accurately convey those ideas. But finding the right words can be difficult. When difficulty arises, we should go back to the sources:
“How do we ensure that our words are adequate to the ideas they seek to convey? The process is essentially the same as the one we follow when confirming the clarity and soundness of our ideas: We must go back to the sources of the ideas. Often we cannot come up with the right word for an idea because we don’t have a firm grasp on the idea itself. Usually, when we clarify the idea by checking it against its source in the objective world, the right word will come to us.”
7) They Communicate Effectively.
Logic is ultimately about determining whether statements are true or false. If others are to accurately determine a statement’s truth, it needs to be communicated to them in a clear manner.
McInerny offers the following guidelines for clear communication:
  • Don’t assume your audience understands your meaning if you don’t make it explicit.
  • Speak in complete sentences.
  • Don’t treat evaluative statements (e.g. “That work of art is ugly”) as if they were statements of objective fact.
  • Avoid double negatives.
  • Gear your language to your audience.
 8) They Avoid Vague and Ambiguous Language. 
“Vague” and “ambiguous” both come from Latin words that mean “wandering”. Vague and ambiguous language tends to wander about ideas rather than having a fixed, definite meaning. A logical person uses precise language so that his listener knows exactly what he is talking about, and can adequately evaluate the truth of his claims. If he refers to more complex terms such as “freedom” or “equality,” he makes sure to establish his particular understanding of those terms.
 9) They Avoid Evasive Language. 
“The problem with evasive language, language that does not state directly what a speaker or writer has in mind, is twofold. First, and obviously, it can deceive an audience. Second, and more subtly, it can have a deleterious effect on the people who use it, distorting their sense of reality. The user shapes language, but language shapes the user as well. If we consistently use language that serves to distort reality, we can eventually come to believe our own twisted rhetoric.”
10) They Seek to Arrive at the Truth of Things.
The purpose of logic, according to McInerny, is to arrive at the truth of things. He explains that there are two basic forms of truth: “ontological” truth—what actually exists and has real being; and “logical” truth—the truth of statements. Ultimately, he reminds us, “What determines the truth or falsity of a statement is what actually exists in the real world. Logical truth, in other words, is founded upon ontological truth.”
The authentically logical person, therefore, keeps his logic rooted in truth, and never lets it devolve into mere verbal trickery.

What Passes For Knowledge In College Today

Dirty College Secrets from the best, Walter E. Williams.

Just A Reminder: Sanctions Are An Act of War

Sanctions rarely, if ever, harm those for whom they're intended.  The ignorant amongst us believe they harm the governments of the countries involved, yet the truth of the matter is they hurt civilians, especially the poor, the young, the elderly and the infirm.  Government scumbags will always get what they need, being they control the military and police.  Here's Jacob Hornberger's The Banality of U.S. Evil:

U.S. officials, led by President Trump, and accompanied by their acolytes in the U.S. mainstream press, are absolutely giddy over what they perceive as the success of U.S. sanctions against Iran and North Korea. With Iran, they are celebrating the fact that horrific economic conditions have led to sporadic protests across the country against the Iranian regime. With North Korea, they are saying that U.S. sanctions are starting to “bite,” which, they say, is what has caused North Korea to reach out to South Korea in diplomatic talks regarding North Korea’s participation in the Winter Olympics.
The mindset of these people perfectly reflects Hannah Arendt’s phrase “the banality of evil.” In fact, with the possible exception of government programs like MKULTRA or syphilis experiments against unsuspecting African-Americans, it would be difficult to find anything more evil than the system of sanctions that has long been a core element of U.S. foreign policy.
Let’s begin with North Korea. As a communist state, the government owns everything, and 99 percent of the citizenry works for the government. That means that every North Korean family’s survival depends on food, housing, healthcare, and a paycheck from the state.
If the government has no money, then that means people starve to death because the government is their sole source of sustenance and income.
Thus, to feed and sustain everyone, the government must come up with ways to collect revenue, for example, by heavily taxing North Korean workers who are permitted to work abroad or by engaging in some state enterprise.
This is what socialism, in its purest form, is all about — the government taking care of people, not just with programs like Social Security, public schooling, subsidies, and Medicare, like here in the United States and taxing the productive citizens to pay for them — but rather in a total and complete manner, with the government owning everything and taking care of everyone, and with virtually everyone being an employee of the government.
In North Korea, there is widespread equality insofar as wealth is concerned (which, of course, is a cherished goal of American socialists) because everyone is equally poor, desperately poor because of their socialist economic system.
There is also in North Korea what Mises called “planned chaos.” That’s because central planning and state control of economic activity is inherently defective, given there are no free-market prices with which the planners are able to calculate when formulating their central economic plans.
So, what is the aim of U.S. sanctions? The aim is to deprive the North Korean regime of revenues in the hopes of causing North Korean families to suffer even more than they already are suffering from socialism. Ideally, the aim of the sanctions is to kill ordinary North Koreans through starvation, which will then bring anger and dissatisfaction, which, presumably, will then bring down the regime and have it replaced with a pro-U.S. regime.
That is the ultimate aim of U.S. sanctions — regime change. That’s the aim in Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Russia, and everywhere else that the U.S. has imposed sanctions. Alternatively, the aim is to force the targeted regime to accede to whatever the U.S. government wants.
(All this from a regime and a mainstream press that prattles on about Russia’s supposed interference with America’s political system.)
There is one important thing to keep in mind: the pawns in this scheme are the ordinary people — the families — the fathers, mothers, grandparents, children, grandchildren. They are the ones who U.S. officials are trying to kill as a way to achieve regime change in the targeted country.
This phenomenon of evil was manifested perfectly in 1996, when U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Madeline Albright, was asked by “Sixty Minutes,” whether the deaths of half-a-million Iraqi children were “worth it.” What “Sixty Minutes” was referring to was the sanctions that U.S. officials had imposed and enforced against Iraq ever since the U.S. intervention in the Persian Gulf War.
Like with North Korea, Iran, Cuba, and Russia today, the aim of the sanctions against Iraq was regime change. U.S. officials wanted to get rid of Saddam Hussein, who, ironically, had been their partner and ally in the 1980s when Saddam was killing Iranians in the Iraq-Iran War, and replace him with a pro-U.S. ruler. To achieve that goal — regime change — U.S. officials imposed one of the most brutal sanctions systems in history, one that, naturally, targeted Iraqi families.
The combination of Iraq’s socialist economic system and the U.S. sanctions, along with the Pentagon’s intentional destruction of Iraq’s water-and-sewage treatment plants in the Gulf War, operated as a vise that squeezed the economic lifeblood out of Iraqi families. Those who bore the biggest brunt of the sanctions were Iraqi children, who began dying in masse from malnutrition and infectious illnesses, especially since the sanctions prevented Iraq from repairing the water-and-sewage treatment plants that the Pentagon had intentionally bombed and destroyed during the Gulf War.
Thus, in 1996 “Sixty Minutes” asked Albright whether the deaths of half-a-million Iraqi children were “worth it.”
Albright’s response? She said that the issue was a difficult one but that, yes, the deaths of those Iraqi children were in fact “worth it.” By “it” she meant regime change. To her, it was worth killing hundreds of thousands of children in order to achieve regime change in Iraq.
No U.S. official, including her boss Bill Clinton, who, as a liberal, was reputed to be a lover of the “poor, needy, and disadvantaged,” condemned or even mildly criticized Albright’s position. That’s undoubtedly because they agreed with it.
When Hans von Sponek, Denis Halliday, and Jutta Purghart resigned their high positions in the UN in protest against the U.S. evil being committed against the children of Iraq, U.S. officials scoffed and U.S. sanctions bureaucrats continued enforcing the myriad rules that made up the sanctions systems.
(By the way, when Ramzi Yousef, one of the terrorists who attacked the World Trade Center in 1993, was brought before a federal judge for sentencing, he angrily cited the deaths of Iraqi children from the sanctions and referred to U.S. officials as “butchers.”)
In Iran, there is nothing that U.S. officials love more than to see people rising up in protest against the Iranian government. Again, that was the purpose of U.S. sanctions against Iran — to magnify and expand the economic suffering that is already in existence owing to Iran’s socialist economic system, which consists of a government-controlled and centrally planned economy. By increasing the suffering among the Iranian people, the hope is that the economic misery will cause the Iranian people to rise up against the Iranian leadership and bring about regime change.
In the process, everyone knows that Iranians (like Cubans, Russians, and North Koreans) are facing brutal totalitarian or authoritarian regimes, ones that will not go peacefully into the night and retire in the face of protests and demonstrations. They will do whatever is necessary to cling to power. That means they will do what is necessary to put down protests and demonstrations, including arresting, incarcerating, torturing, and killing protesters and demonstrators.
We see this already in Iran, where at least 21 protestors have been killed. Of course, U.S. officials, and their acolytes in the mainstream press, express “outrage” at such brutality and shed crocodile tears for the victims and their families.
It’s all a sham. They couldn’t care less about those 21 dead people, any more than they cared about the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children who they killed with their sanctions. In fact, that’s what they hopie to accomplish with sanctions, widespread anger and disatisfaction which they know, as an absolute certainty, will bring about the torture or deaths of some protestors at the hands of their government. In their minds, that’s just part of the process of  care about is bringing down the Iranian government and reinstalling a pro-U.S. dictator, like they did when they installed the Shah into power after their regime change operation in 1953, when they destroyed Iran’s experiment with democracy by removing the nation’s democratically elected president Mohamad Mossadegh in a CIA coup.
Of course, none of this is new. In the 1970s, when Salvador Allende’s socialist economic policies were bringing chaos and crisis to Chile, President Nixon ordered the CIA to make things worse for the Chilean people — to make the Chilean economy “scream” — to increase the suffering among the Chilean people so much that they would welcome a regime-change operation in the form of a military coup, one that would replace Allende with one of the world’s most brutal military dictators, one whose pro-U.S. national-security state forces would kidnap, incarcerate, torture, rape, disappear, or execute tens of thousands of innocent people.
Which is more evil: a regime whose bad economic policies bring suffering or even death to people or a regime that intentionally brings economic suffering and even death to people with the aim of achieving regime change or other political goal?

It Wouldn't Be A Surprise

US Preparing To Attack Pakistan?

Washington's Relentless Pursuit of Julian Assange

The Persecution of Julian Assange by Paul Craig Roberts is a nice summary of the Assange situation to date:

“We need a political intervention to make this situation end. He (Assange) is the only political prisoner in Western Europe.” Juan Braco
The persecution of Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, is now seven years old. Ecuador has protected Assange for the past half decade from being turned over to Washington by the corrupt Swedish and British for torture and prosecution as a spy by giving Assange political asylum inside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Ecuador has now given citizenship to Assange and attempted to provide his safe transit out of England by giving him diplomatic status, but the British government continued in its assigned role of jailer by rejecting Ecuador’s request for diplomatic status for Assange, just as the most servile of Washington’s puppet states rejected the order by the UN Committee on Arbitrary Detention to immediate release Assange from his arbitrary detention.
Assange got into trouble with Washington, because his news organization, Wikileaks, published files released by Bradley Manning. The files were a tremendous embarrassment to Washington, because they showed how Washington conspires against governments and betrays its allies, and the files contained an audio/video film of US military forces murdering innocent people walking down a street and then murdering a father and his two young children who stopped to give aid to the civilians the American soldiers had shot. The film revealed the heartlessness and criminal cruelty of the US troops, who were enjoying playing a real live video game with real people as their victims.
It was Manning who suffered, not the troops who committed murder. Manning was held for two years in conditions that experts said constituted torture while a case was framed against him. Some believe the harsh conditions affected his mind. Manning was convicted by a kangaroo court and sentenced to 35 years in prison, but Obama in an act of humanity unusual for Washington pardoned Manning. 
Washington wanted Assange as well, and the chance came when two Swedish women, attracted to Assange by his celebrity status, seduced him. The two women had not secured the cooperation they wanted from Assange in the use of condoms and, brainwashd by HIV fears, wanted Assange to join them in being tested. 
Assange, misreading the extent of their fears, was too slow to comply, and the women went to the police to see if he could be required to be tested. According to the women, the police made up the charge of rape. The women themselves disavow the charge. 
The charges were investigated, and the chief Swedish prosecutor Eva Finne dismissed the charges, saying “there is no suspicion of any crime whatsoever.”
Mysteriously, the case was reopened by another prosecutor, Marianne Ny, who many suspect was operating at the behest of Washington. On November 30, two days after Assange began publishing the Cablegate materials leaked by Bradley Manning, Ny issued an Interpol “red alert” arrest warrant for Assange. This was an unusual request as no charges were outstanding against Assange, and hitherto extradition from one country to another on an arrest warrant required actual charges, whereas Ny said she wanted Assange for questioning. Most everyone in the know understood that Washington had ordered Sweden to get its hands on Assange and to turn him over to Washington.
Assange challenged the legality of the arrest warrant in British courts, but the British court, many believe following Washington’s orders, ruled against the law and in favor of Washington. Assange assented to the arrest and presented himself to a British police station. He was placed in solitary confinement at Wandsworth prison. If memory serves, the daughter of Sir James Goldsmith paid his bond and he was placed under house arrest. When it became clear that the Swedish prosecutor wanted Assange for Washington, not for any charges against him in Sweden, Ecuador give him asylum, and he fled to the embassy in London.
Where he has been ever since.
Sweden has closed the case a second time, and Assange is no longer wanted for questioning in Sweden. Therefore, there is no longer any reason for the British to hold him for Sweden. But the British government never were holding Assange for Sweden. The British were holding him for Washington. And they still are. Even though Sweden has closed a case based on a false report by police and have no basis for any charges against Assange, the British government says it will grab him the minute he steps outside the embassy. 
The British are so desperate to serve their Washington master that once they even declared that they were going to violate diplomatic immunity and invade the Ecuadorian Embassy and seize Assange. 
The British excuse for a once proud government’s continuing servitude to Washington as Assange’s jailer is that by taking asylum in the embassy Assange jumped bail and therefore the British have to arrest him for not surrendering a second time to the police for an investigation that has been closed.
Stefania Maurizi, an Italian investigative journalist for La Repubblica, smelling the stench of fraud that covers the entire case, has been trying for two years to get her hands on the correspondence between the UK, US, and Swedish governments pertaining to the case in order to pull back the shroud of the Washington-orchestrated propaganda that colors the case. A British tribunal refused to release any documents on the grounds that it had to protect the British Prosecution Service’s relationship with foreign authorities.
That tells you all you need to know. Julian Assange has lost seven years of his life because stinking dirty Washington wanted revenge on Assange for exercising the US Constitution-protected right of a free press, and the stinking dirty governments of Sweden and Britain did Washington’s dirty work. What we know for certain is that Assange is totally innocent and that there is no honor and no integrity in the US, Swedish, and British governments. Law means nothing to the scum that misrule these countries.
In the US and probably throughout Europe, politicians and feminists, with the exception of Katrin Axelsson and Lisa Longstaff, used the presstitute media to paint Assange as a rapist and as a spy. The feminists cared nothing about any truth; they just wanted a man to demonize. Truth was the last thing on politicians’ minds. They just wanted to divert attention from Washington’s crimes and betrayals of allies by portraying Assange as a threat and traitor to America. They were unconcerned that Assange could not be a traitor to America as he is not an American citizen. In actual fact, there is no basis in law for any US claim against Assange. Yet because of Washington and its servile British puppet state, Assange remains interred in the Embassy of Ecuador in London. Clearly, honor and respect for law reside in Ecuador, not in the US, UK, or Sweden.
But facts, along with law and civil liberty, have ceased to mean anything in the Western world. The corrupt US Attorney General Jeff Sessions said that the arrest of Assange is a “priority.” The British police, mere lackeys of Washington, said that they would still arrest Assange, despite the case being dropped, if he left the embassy.
For the British, serving Washington is a higher calling than the honor of their country.
Further reading:

Of Course They Do, And Why?

Because they can.  Power.  And the rational ignorance of the American voter - House Votes to Renew, Expand Authority to Snoop on Americans

Learn Some Economics

Mike Munger is superb! Does Manhattan need a congestion tax on Uber? 

They Most Certainly Are

Global Networks Are Necessary to Overcome Abusive Governments and Oligarchy.  True, however, so long as the equipment and technology remains in within the domains of companies such as AT&T, Comcast, etc. the dangers to privacy and the ease of surveillance, goes on.

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Jury Nullification 101

A doctrine I firmly believe in:

The Case for Jury Nullification, Part I

New: The Case for Jury Nullification, Part II

It Most Certainly Is!

Foreign Interventionism Is Destroying Us by Jacob Hornberger: [emphasis mine]

Most everyone acknowledges that James Madison, the father of the Constitution, possessed deep insights into the relationship between liberty and government. One of his important insights involved the relationship between liberty and war:
Of all the enemies to public liberty war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded, because it comprises and develops the germ of every other. War is the parent of armies; from these proceed debts and taxes; and armies, and debts, and taxes are the known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of the few. In war, too, the discretionary power of the Executive is extended; its influence in dealing out offices, honors, and emoluments is multiplied; and all the means of seducing the minds, are added to those of subduing the force, of the people. The same malignant aspect in republicanism may be traced in the inequality of fortunes, and the opportunities of fraud, growing out of a state of war, and in the degeneracy of manners and of morals engendered by both. No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.
Madison believed that even without war, the biggest threat to the freedom and well-being of the American people lay not with foreigners or even domestic criminals but rather with the federal government itself.

That is a shocking notion to some Americans living today, especially, no doubt, many millennials, given that they have been born and raised in a “war on terrorism” in which the troops are thanked for protecting our “rights and freedoms” and “keeping us safe.” The notion that the federal government is the biggest threat to our freedom and well-being would also shock many in the boomer generation, given their conviction that the federal government is their friend and provider, especially now that it is taking care of them with its Social Security and Medicare programs.

Madison’s conviction was shared by most Americans at that time. The Constitutional Convention met in Philadelphia to simply come up with reforms to the Articles of Confederation, which Americans had lived under for more than a decade. Under the Articles, the federal government had been limited to extremely weak powers to prevent it from becoming a threat to freedom. In fact, the federal government under the Articles didn’t even have the power to tax!

Americans liked that form of government because they felt that it didn’t pose much of a threat to their freedom and well-being. When the Constitutional Convention surprised people with the Constitution, many people were immediately opposed to it because they were convinced that it would call into existence a federal government that would destroy their freedom and well-being.

Proponents of the Constitution ultimately convinced enough Americans to go along with the deal, which gave the federal government more powers, including the power to tax. Their principal argument was that people didn’t need to be overly concerned about the federal government as a threat to their freedom because its powers would be limited to those few powers that were enumerated in the Constitution itself.

While Americans approved the Constitution on that basis, they were still skeptical. That’s how we got the Bill of Rights, which really should have been called the Bill of Prohibitions. It prohibits the federal government from destroying freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, the right to keep and bear arms, and other fundamental rights, from killing or incarcerating people without following due process of law, and from searching people’s homes or persons without judicially issued warrants based on probable cause.

The reason for the Bill of Rights? Americans had no doubts that in the absence of such express restrictions on power, the federal government would do whatever it could to destroy their freedom.

Among all the threats that the federal government posed to liberty, Madison believed, war was the biggest because it inevitably led to all the rest. War reinforced and magnified the threat that the federal government ordinarily posed to the freedom of the American people even in the absence of war.

Notice the irony today: Most Americans are infused with the notion that U.S. troops fighting abroad are protecting our “rights and freedoms” (notwithstanding the quite obvious point that no one overseas is even trying to take away our rights and freedoms). The point Madison was making was that wars that the troops are fighting makes the federal government an even greater threat to their own “rights and freedoms” than it already is in the absence of war.

Today, large numbers of Americans, especially young people, are struggling just to make ends meet. They live paycheck to paycheck. A big part of the reason for that is the exorbitant amount of money that the federal government takes for taxes.

The national debt is now $20 trillion dollars and growing. Click here to get a sense of how big this problem is. Each taxpayer’s share of the debt amounts to $170,000

Thus, Madison’s point: “War is the parent of armies; from these proceed debts and taxes.”

What Madison failed to point out, at least in that quote, is that it’s not just war that leads to taxes and debt but also the burden of empire. That’s the problem that afflicted the British Empire, against which the Americans had rebelled. Empires are not inexpensive, cost-free enterprises. On the contrary, they pose an enormous burden on the citizenry in the form of higher spending, taxes, and debt.

That’s the big twin-problem facing the American people today — war and empire. The forever wars in the Middle East and Afghanistan constantly use up bombs, missiles, bullets, planes, vehicles, equipment, and supplies, all of which must be replaced. On top of that are all the supplies, equipment, troop salaries, foreign aid, ships, planes, vehicles needed to support and maintain the federal government’s worldwide empire of military bases around the world.

That means never-ending and ever-growing spending, debts, and taxes, which Madison pointed out are the “known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of the few.”

Empire and war are actually the driving force of the federal government. As a practical matter, American taxpayers work to sustain the Pentagon and the CIA and their forever wars and worldwide empire of bases. Their budgets never go down and always go up. Sure, there is the massive welfare-state component of the federal government, especially Social Security and Medicare, which also drives the ever-growing debt and taxes but the welfare is really just intended to keep the citizenry pacified, sort of like a political heroin. When people are pacified by welfare or in fear of losing it, they are less apt to protest against the war and empire part of the federal government.

Moreover, as Americans have learned, there is another price for empire and constant war — the threat of retaliation, especially through terrorism. People in faraway lands don’t like being invaded, occupied, sanctioned, embargoed, kidnapped, assassinated, meddled with, or dictated to. At some point, they retaliate.

That then leads the federal government to acquire dictatorial powers here at home, in order to “keep us safe” from the enemies it is producing with war and empire. That’s how we have ended up living a society in which our very own government now wields the totalitarian-like powers to arrest, incarcerate, assassinate, and secretly spy on us without due process of law. Thus, Madison’s point that that “no nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.”

While some people in the rest of the world are stirring against totalitarian regimes under which they are living, Americans continue to sit passively back and keep letting the federal government destroy their freedom and well-being through constant war and empire. When will Americans finally say enough is enough and push back?